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I'm boosting effectivity & productivity of software development teame by using tools which lead to faster development and reliable operation of software products.


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Docker TrainingBerlin13.1.2020 - 14.1.2020799 EUR2 daysRegisterAdd to Calendar
Kubernetes TrainingBerlin15.1.2020 - 16.1.2020799 EUR2 daysRegisterAdd to Calendar
Gitlab CI TrainingBerlin17.1.2020399 EUR1 dayRegisterAdd to Calendar
Docker TrainingHamburg20.1.2020 - 21.1.2020799 EUR2 daysRegisterAdd to Calendar
Kubernetes TrainingHamburg22.1.2020 - 23.1.2020799 EUR2 daysRegisterAdd to Calendar
Gitlab CI TrainingHamburg24.1.2020399 EUR1 dayRegisterAdd to Calendar
Docker TrainingMunich27.1.2020 - 28.1.2020799 EUR2 daysRegisterAdd to Calendar
Kubernetes TrainingMunich29.1.2020 - 30.1.2020799 EUR2 daysRegisterAdd to Calendar
Gitlab CI TrainingMunich31.1.2020399 EUR1 dayRegisterAdd to Calendar
Docker TrainingBerlin3.2.2020 - 4.2.2020799 EUR2 daysRegisterAdd to Calendar
Kubernetes TrainingBerlin5.2.2020 - 6.2.2020799 EUR2 daysRegisterAdd to Calendar
Gitlab CI TrainingBerlin7.2.2020399 EUR1 dayRegisterAdd to Calendar
Docker TrainingMunich17.2.2020 - 18.2.2020799 EUR2 daysRegisterAdd to Calendar
Kubernetes TrainingMunich19.2.2020 - 20.2.2020799 EUR2 daysRegisterAdd to Calendar
Gitlab CI TrainingMunich21.2.2020399 EUR1 dayRegisterAdd to Calendar
Docker TrainingBerlin2.3.2020 - 3.3.2020799 EUR2 daysRegisterAdd to Calendar
Kubernetes TrainingBerlin4.3.2020 - 5.3.2020799 EUR2 daysRegisterAdd to Calendar
Docker TrainingHamburg16.3.2020 - 17.3.2020799 EUR2 daysRegisterAdd to Calendar
Kubernetes TrainingHamburg18.3.2020 - 19.3.2020799 EUR2 daysRegisterAdd to Calendar
Gitlab CI TrainingHamburg20.3.2020399 EUR1 dayRegisterAdd to Calendar
Docker TrainingMunich23.3.2020 - 24.3.2020799 EUR2 daysRegisterAdd to Calendar
Kubernetes TrainingMunich25.3.2020 - 26.3.2020799 EUR2 daysRegisterAdd to Calendar
Gitlab CI TrainingMunich27.3.2020399 EUR1 dayRegisterAdd to Calendar

About me

Hi, my name is Ondrej and I'm a software engineer since 2009 and I do trainig since 2013. I've worked for large enterpises as well as for startups around the Europe and Hong Kong.


I'm mainly focused to DevOps training. Every course I do I run as a hands-on workshop and It's based on top of years of my experices from development, leading team of developers or operating softwate.

I use Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible or CI on daily basis, I have proven experience from my projects and projects of my clients.

I offer open session and in-house training for all my courses.

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Ondrej Sika

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